Sergey Zhukov

Cloud Systems Administration Specialist

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Offering a wide berth of experience, credentials and technical expertise in the areas of Web based applications and for QA/DEV/PROD environments, as well as infrastructure and underlying services. Eager, motivated and self reliant regarding project planning and overseeing. Skilled in analyzing specifications and developing project plans and system business requirement documents/specifications.


Unix System Administration

Administer/Support all types of Unix based infrastructure and dev/prod evironments.

Cloud Services/Virtualization Expertise

Maintain/Architect/Audit cloud based infrastructure aimed at automation, resiliency, and scalability.

Dev/Ops Support

Tightly integrate into development environments which require agility and responsiveness.


  • VMWare
  • Unix/Linux
  • Mac O/S
  • Windows
  • Bash
  • Ruby/Chef/AWS Opsworks
  • Amazon AWS
  • Github
  • Apache/Nginx
  • MySQL/PostgreSQL


M. Shanken Communications

Director of Web Operations


Oversee and architect all aspects of web operations regarding infrastructions, architecture, support, maintenece. Make headway into streamlining best practices in agile development and CI workflows. Adhere to industry standard security compliance across the entreprise, with focus on lowering operating costs and streamling IT/Development processes. Implement and support long and short term projects.

M. Shanken Communications

Support Specialist


Progressively built my hardware/software technical skills while maintainng availability of customer facing services internally as well as extrenally. Participated in infrastructure virtualization, network auditing, and employee support.


Principal Technical Lead


Advise on all technical aspects of company operations. Generate DRP policies and data integrity solutions while maintaing a rigid outlook on cost effectiveness and capacity planning. Administer and deploy necessary infrastructure on an enterprise level.

Coffees and Creams LTD



Engaged with end users in a fast paced environment. Provided support/operation of POS systems and inventory management systems. Spearheaded digital ad campaigns to launch and sustain a successful pilot co-branded environment.


CUNY Baruch College - New York City, New York

Major, Computer Information Systems Minor, History

Vice President of the CIS Society — 2 years

Sergey Zhukov — — (718)406-6417